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Endoscopic Surgery Training
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DAY 1 -- Dombivli  8.30 am- 4.00pm

DAY 2—Dombivli- 8.30 am- 4.00 pm
8.30- 12 – OT live
12-1.30 pm- lecture
2-30- 4.00 pm—Dummy pelvis/ Hysteroscopy

DAY 3- Dombivli-
8.30- 12.00 OT Live-
12- 1.30- Dummy Pelvis/ Hysteroscopy
2.30- 4.00- Lecture

Day 4  Dombivli-  
9 am- Visit to Endoscopy Mfg. Company
1 pm-  OT Live/ Lecture

Day5-  Dombivli
8.30 am- 12.30 pm- OT
1.30- 4.00 pm – Lecture

!.3.- 4.00 Lecture- Endoscopic surgery in Infertility

Proposed Lectures:

  • OR SETUP AND Instrumentation
  • Instruments maintenance and cleaning
  • Safe entry in Laparoscopic Surgery
    Hysteroscopy surgery
  • Endometriosis in infertility
  • Endoscopic Surgery in infertility
  • Choclate cysts and Infertility surgery
  • Fibroids and Infertility
  • Managing Dermoid cysts
  • Endoscopic Suturing techniques
  • Energy Sources
  • Managing bladder in TLH
  • Management of Nulliparous prolapse

Dummy trainer sessions in dummy pelvis and Uterus specimen
What You Need To Know
  • IVF Success Rates
  • Cost of In Vitro Fertilization
  • Cost of Egg Donor IVF
  • What Causes Female Infertility
Why choose Nirmiti Fertility
& IVF Centre
  • An efficient team of specialized world class doctors
  • Top Class Laboratory : The heart of IVF program is the laboratory.Our IVF labs are world class.
  • We offer the most advanced methods and technology available in the field
  • Cutting Edge reproductive technology manged by renowned Specialist Doctors and trained technicians.
  • Full range of choice of Assisted Reproductive Procedures.
  • Patient Friendly approch.
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